In Soviet Russia Coin Forks You!

Posted by    |   June 23rd, 2014   |   No responses

On June 21st, the CandyCoin network experienced a fork. It was caused in part by a network outage affecting the pool, which resulted in two distinct blockchains being created. We are working to cleanup the network and get it back online, as a result of this the CandyCoin seed nodes […]

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Wallet sync issues

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Would appear to be wallets are stuck on a block. We are aware and investigating. Thank You CandyCoin

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CandyCoin Gummi Edition Wallet with Heartbleed fix

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We have just released an updated CandyCoin wallet known as the Gummi edition to address the Heartbleed vulnerability found in the Bitcoin core version 0.9.0 This is a mandatory upgrade and users are encouraged to back up their current wallets and upgrade to the Gummi edition. Along with an […]

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CandyCoin is coming!

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CandyCoin Wallet Testing is now in progress! Working with the windows wallet, linux wallet and paper wallet for the big launch soon. back to testing. CandyCoin Admin

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