CandyCoin Questions & Answers

Where can I find mining software
minerd -
gpu, amd:
cgminer -
How do I solo mine for CandyCoin?
1) Download the Windows Wallet from our downloads page
2) Let it sync up with the network
3) Go To C:\Users\YOURWindowsusername\AppData\Roaming\CandyCoin
4) Using notepad or notepad++ create a file and called candycoin.conf
In this file you will require the follow:


Save the file to the CandyCoin Appddata folder (step 3)

5) Open your guiminer or what ever miner you like.
  • Set to localhost or http://localhost
  • username is the username you put into the candycoin.conf
  • password is the password you put into the candycoin.conf
  • port will be set to 6157
  • use stratum should be set to NO
6) Start mining!    
Whats with the the .in domain?
Its fun. No other reason outside of that.
How is the foundation funded?
10,000 blocks were mined prior to the launch to provide initial funding to the CandyCoin foundation for faucet and promotional giveaways. The foundation expects to collect additional funding from donations which will be entirely returned to the community in the interest of promoting CandyCoin.
Whats the CandyCoin mission?
To spread candy love and joy. Were a fun coin and we want to stick to that...see our about page for our thoughts on alt coins.
Where is CandyCoin located?
canadaThe CandyCoin organization is located out of Vancouver Canada...and yes we play hockey 🙂