How do I solo mine for CandyCoin?

Posted by    |   April 7th, 2014   |   No Comments

1) Download the Windows Wallet from our downloads page

2) Let it sync up with the network

3) Go To C:\Users\YOURWindowsusername\AppData\Roaming\CandyCoin

4) Using notepad or notepad++ create a file and called candycoin.conf

In this file you will require the follow:


Save the file to the CandyCoin Appddata folder (step 3)

5) Open your guiminer or what ever miner you like.

  • Set to localhost or http://localhost
  • username is the username you put into the candycoin.conf
  • password is the password you put into the candycoin.conf
  • port will be set to 6157
  • use stratum should be set to NO

6) Start mining!