YUM / FORC Arrangement Terminated.

Posted by    |   October 16th, 2015   |   No responses

Its been a while since we have posted news. Essentially back at the start of the year we attempted to get some support from pub co FORC Minerals. Unfortunately that didn’t work out for us as FORC was unable to supply any of the support promised us. The deal has […]

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YUM Network Back Online

Posted by    |   June 25th, 2014   |   5 Responses

On June 21st, a series of events created a perfect storm that resulted in a blockchain fork: two distinct branches of the candycoin blockchain were created with some wallets preferring one and the rest preferring the other. This loss of synchronization forced us to shutdown the core candycoin network to […]

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In Soviet Russia Coin Forks You!

Posted by    |   June 23rd, 2014   |   No responses

On June 21st, the CandyCoin network experienced a fork. It was caused in part by a network outage affecting the pool, which resulted in two distinct blockchains being created. We are working to cleanup the network and get it back online, as a result of this the CandyCoin seed nodes […]

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Wallet sync issues

Posted by    |   June 21st, 2014   |   No responses

Would appear to be wallets are stuck on a block. We are aware and investigating. Thank You CandyCoin

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New release – version 8.5.5 *Gumi Venus” fixes bug in Windows version

Posted by    |   June 10th, 2014   |   No responses

New release – version 8.5.5 *Gummi Venus” fixes bug in Windows version that prevented the blockchain from syncing past block 99,999. Issue only affected Windows binary, anything built from Github source is unaffected. This is a mandatory upgrade for Windows wallet users. Thank You CandyCoin

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Windows Wallet Fix

Posted by    |   June 9th, 2014   |   No responses

We narrowed down the wallet sync issues and discovered it only affected Windows wallet users. Linux wallet was unaffected. The Windows wallet was not working properly past block 99,999. We have fixed this issue and our testing the new Windows wallet which we expect to release on Wed. Thank You […]

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Wallet blockchain sync issue being investigated

Posted by    |   June 6th, 2014   |   No responses

Windows wallet users may be experiencing a wallet sync issue on block 999999. We are investigating and will report back as soon as we know more. Thank You CandyCoin

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New faucet online

Posted by    |   April 27th, 2014   |   No responses

New faucet online: #Candycoin #YUM

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CandyCoin Mining Pools

Posted by    |   April 24th, 2014   |   No responses

Happy to now have two mining pools up as we continue to move things forward. CandyCoin Factory Candy PitythePool

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CandyCoin Easter Giveaway

Posted by    |   April 19th, 2014   |   No responses

We are giving away CandyCoins for Easter on our subreddit. 25 coins, and all you have to do it post what candy you like and your wallet address (so we can send you coins). Thats It! Happy Easter! CandyCoin

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