The CandyCoin Vision

CandyCoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a digital wallet that is global, anonymous and secure.

CandyCoin (YUM) was created to help promote the use of the cryptocurrency through goodwill, charitable endeavors, games, and product integration’s. CandyCoin will work to improve, legitimize and foster growth in the cryptocurrency market and produce a useful coin with stability, transparency and viability. CandyCoin’s emphasis is providing simple and straightforward integration into existing applications benefiting social media and in-game payments with quick and reliable payment processing and verification.

Technical Specifications

CandyCoin is an anonymous internet coin. Transactions are quickly processed
using a public peer-to-peer network operated by volunteers.

* Algorithm: Scrypt
* Pubkey address: 78
* Address prefix: Y
* Default port: 6152
* 60 second transaction times
* 10 coins issued for each found block, halving approx every 1,051,200 blocks (~2 years)
* approx 20.3 million coins will be issued
* coin generation halts after 5,256,000 blocks (~10 years)
* kimoto gravity well (patched version)
* very limited premine for faucets and giveaways (10000 blocks)
* crypto ticker symbol YUM

CandyCoin operates a P2P network reinforced with geographically diverse seed peers (master nodes) located in Singapore, Canada, USA, and Amsterdam.